Welcome to the magical world of Burroughs Band.

I was always amazed that I raised two very talented musicians … one a sax player and one a low brass player. The program at Burroughs that your student is entering in 2006 is not the same program of many years ago. Today’s program is one of excitement, long hours, hard work, talented staff and volunteers. You as a parent are the glue to keep the program succeeding … you are the ones who lived through those hours of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, drove the neighbors nuts because your child practiced outside. Now you and your student are entering the musical magic which surpasses my least favorite tunes: “Mary had a Little Lamb” OR “Hot Cross Buns.” Your students are being challenged to succeed not just musically but in the discipline that music brings to their lives. The BHS Music Boosters need parental involvement, love of the kids, the ability to laugh over stuff and sometimes a lot of patience.

Toni Boggs

(note from Simon Austin, BHS Band Director: Mrs. Boggs was a great Booster President and we love her a lot!)