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Most Famous Student Festivals in 2020

There are tons of festivals perfect for students all around the globe. These festivals are much awaited and well-attended by college students. This is the time that they get to release the stress and pressure that studies and the school have given them. These festivals are also a great way to find new friends and know about different cultures and places.

Popular Student Festivals in 2020

Hay Cartagena

This is one of the most popular festivals in Columbia. This is a festival that highlights literature, music, and visual arts. If you attend this festival, you can expect a lot of poetry, stories, and essays. It will also feature paintings, drawings, and a lot of art-related things. This is an educational, informative and fun festival for students.

Just For Laughs

If you want to de-stress and re-energize, then a good laugh is all you need. The Just For Laughs Festival will be held all across Canada. You can expect fun, laughter and thrills from this festival. It will feature tons of comedy acts and performances from popular comic personalities.

The Color Run

The Color Run festivals have been around worldwide. Tons of groups are having this kind of event, and it is well-attended. Students love being in a marathon or run. And to make it even more fun, they add colors. It is like getting fit and healthy with a twist of enjoyment. Students will definitely love this festivity.


Students are looking forward to attending the Comic-Con festival. Today, this event has become world-famous. College and even high school students who love comics characters love going to such an event. It is fun and exciting, and the students will surely meet a lot of new friends from this festival.


This live music fest being held in Austria is so much expected by students. Aside from great rocking music, the event is held in fresh snow. It is cool and literally cold, which is why students love attending the event. There are DJs, solo performers, and bands that will provide great music to the audience.

Being a student is not just about studying and going to school. They also need some fun time. They can attend student festivals once in a while that give them a break from all the school work that they have been doing. And a part of the school work is doing essays. It is a good thing that essay writing services like essaypro are around to help students get good essays. But some are asking Is bestessays legit? To know more about these essay writing service sites, you can search for the top paper writing service sites over the Internet. Learning more about what these sites can offer, will help students choose the right website to get their essays from.

Only study and no entertainment can be boring. This will not boost the enthusiasm of the student to study more. With the help of the festivals, students can regain their energy for school. Also, the essay writing service sites will help them lessen the school load that they are carrying.

Festival 2013 included: In 2011, we enjoyed Disneyland and California Adventure with park hoppers

Our 2012 trip was to Arizona and our 2014 trip

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